Free software

Mercurial repositories:

Indyvon (Clojure)
Experimental user interface library. Provides stateless context-dependent interactive visual objects that can be functionally composed or drawn in immediate mode.
Serpentron (Amber Smalltalk)
Implementation of a classic arcade game. Survive as long as possible without hitting anything. Up to 4 players can play on a single computer. Play here.
Tema (Java)
Macro processor and template engine with database access.
UserConfig (Java)
Host lifecycle event listener for Apache Tomcat that automatically deploys applications from user home directories. Extends functionality provided by the stock version.


See the gallery on this site. Also on Flickr.


Some musical experiments with my humble participation.


Maxim Suhanov — guitar,
Mikhail Kryshen — live programming in ChucK.

Download: Ogg Vorbis, MP3.

Recorded July 9, 2007.


Listen on Jamendo. Recorded in 2006.

Online games

Play at In-browser same-computer multiplayer and single-player games. Mostly old and require Java, but people play them, so I keep maintaining the site.